Turn Your Pants Leggings:Tips for a Night Out

Hello loved ones,
Who loves a legging pants raises his hand! the/ Comfortable, eclectic and versatile. So you can set the pantslegging, formerly of exclusive use for who was going to work out in gyms. But, gradually, she was winning the streets, the working environment and even the ballads. The Summit was to get to the red carpet of major international events.

We can use the legging in places other than the Academy? We can Yes! But let’s take it slow because your look worthy of a movie may end up being a nightmare but to have certain elements that offset the casual touch of pants with other items that bring elegance. So we’re going to the tips:

The first caution when invest in a pants thinking about using it for events, is the fabric. Look for the parts that are made thicker and structured fabrics, with density and that does not permit the passage of light. After all, no one deserves to take a picture and that flash reveal the whole your body and, especially, your panties. Another point that should be noted is the time piece. When they have been washed several times, tend to wash out and become thinner. This can also be transparent in the body.
Because of this, before you leave, take that check in the mirror and with different types of light to avoid any embarrassment.

Buy the right size of leggings is also essential. Pay attention so that she doesn’t select the cellulite and the chubbiness. The panties also may not be in evidence. If this happens is because you need a bigger size.
Not to mention that when the pants are small, plump parts of your body to let more extended, which will generate transparency. And you can get more from Gradinmath.

The elements that will be part of your look will also be essential to make her ready for a party. Minivestidos, which can be justinhos or more free balloon style, or leather jackets help not to let the composition very sloppy.
Feet, try to opt for boots, sneakers or shoes. They are perfect for a look that will be used at night, in a ballad, for example. If you want to get a little more daring, put a jump, but don’t overdo it at the top.
Another trick is to make various compositions, or a layered look. That leaves visual very modern and with enough information sets.

Not to Miss ever, ideally by using a pair of leggings, you keep the hip covered once the pants, be well tight, very brand this region. Don’t bet on tops, bodies or short blouses to compose your look. The maxi-blusas, shirts and dresses over shorts make good combinations.
The black legging is your key. In addition to go with everything, her servant for winter, because it combines with the boots and is elegant; for summer, when used with blouses more fun and fresh; for the Academy, of course will not bring embarrassment at the time of the exercises; for plus size women, because the black thins; Anyway, more democratic part No.

Rocking ballad with broken leggings!

A kiss,