The Low Waist Pants Is Back! Remember Her?

Are the low waist pants coming back? Apparently, yes. The pants were a fever in the early 2000s, when Britney Spears (killed the homesickness below) and Christina Aguilera took the outfit for various awards and shows.

The Low Waist Pants Is Back Remember Her

Now the pant with the waistband in the middle of the hip seems to have gained new breath.

Low waist pants can be used sparingly!

Nobody has to use it, of course. Moreover, it is more than proven that very fair and very low models deform the abdomen.

Yes, the fat layer that is usually present in the female belly can be “shaped” by the overuse of this model. This creates a kind of brand, a risk below the navel that will accentuate the appearance of the overweight belly.

Who likes it highlights that the model is sexy and values ​​the shape of the hip, for example. With pros and cons, here are some examples of the return of low-waist jeans and use sparingly: