Striped Trousers:Tips on How to Wear Them

The alternation of colors is the new trend among women

It has been a while since the vertical striped pants have fallen into the taste of the fashionistas. The item has populated some wardrobes years ago and, following the maxim of cyclical fashion, the piece, previously forgotten, is now back in full force.The game of colors fell in love with women.

There are numerous models of trousers with stripes: wide, narrow, bicolour, colored or with lateral stripes.Each one results in a different and interesting effect.Our tips will remain, however, in those who choose to combine two colors only.

Pants with thin stripes cause the illusion that the legs and hip are a little smaller.If the print contains dark colors in width greater than the clear ones, better still, because it will have a kind of background for the soft colors and this diminishes the area.Women who have the most curvilinear body should then avoid very wide stripes.The skinny ladies can bet on bigger tracks.

As for the combinations, the most basic ones can wear striped trousers and monochrome sweaters, preferably those that have the color equal to one of the stripes.It works, for sure.The bold ones can bet on blocks of colors or even the combination of stripes with other bolder prints.In this case, however, be careful with the rest of the look, which should have accessories that match the set.And remembering that it is for the most modern!

The colors of stripes that are easier to match are black and white.They go well with shirts, cardigans, sweaters, coats.The same goes for the feet: it combines with sneakers, boots, oxfords, scarpins.It is, in principle, the right choice.