Quickly Fill The Advent Calendar-In Three Weeks Is Already December

#werbung People, if the weather forecast is correct, then we have a great Sunday before. So a Sunday, like a Sunday.

No bad weather pressure and since I went to bed late, it means I can stay in it. No one comes, who says I have to take a trip to the mountains to make the soul work. Especially since my soul anyway very gladly hanging around or rumliegen. And what can you do on such a November Sunday yet? Exactly, fill the Advent calendar, because the countdown is running. The filling is, of course, only if you have previously thought about what should be at all. My outfit, on the other hand, is to light against the autumn dark with the flower skirt.

As a child, I always had an advent calendar, which my mother himself has filled. Where “fill” because somehow the wrong word is. Because there was no fan or something. It was only a large piece of fabric embroidered with 24 numbers. There was a small ring under each number, to which my mom could hang. Unfortunately, this was always very clear, which was to the Ringlein and starting from year 5-so from my active memory-was somehow boring. During my childhood I would have liked to have these purchased chocolate adventures. The one with the colorful pictures on it, which had just all and not such a stupid part, with which I already knew 24 days, which hang on the evening of the Ringlein. When I think of it, I get a bad conscience afterwards. Instead of introducing me to this melded “white-animal-chocolate”, my mama has attached Lindor balls.

Advent Calendar And Nest Building

From puberty onwards, the advent calendar-free phase began in my life. It took a long time to get on with my husband. I guess it was then the nest-building, which had caused me to buy a self-filling calendars… These were 24 little Nikolaus sachets. And people, I was still very early. On time with the gingerbread at the supermarket, I went hunting to find the right stuff. Only to realize shortly thereafter that the DM did not have so many products for men. Hello-who can guess something. For a woman that would be easy-peasy times… Even in 2003 there were already nail polish, lip sticks, hand cream and fashion jewelry and beautiful clothes and things, which women just need to survive. But for a man was filled Advent calendar, even with socks and underpants for 24 days a challenge.

Advent Calendar Fill With Wheelbag

And quite apart from the lack of variety, the things have never fit into the intended bags. Okay, this is still today-the choice is also huge for a man. The online shop of Radbag, for  example, offers a huge assortment to fill the Advent calendar. The stupid thing is that there are so many pieces for me, too… However, the blog has the advantage that he is read by a few friends… Hello… that’s called Wink with the fence plate. Of course, I also take several advent calendars… So just in case…   Because somehow the days until the evening are eh the best. Full of anticipation, mulled wine, gingerbread, candles and smells everywhere so delicious.

Mentally Immersed In Dance

My cuddly cuddly Sunday is in any case almost nothing in the way… So up to the dance course, which my husband and I have booked in spiritual nightmare… with friends… hahaha… great friends I say there only. There are marital ditches open, I tell you… But it’s funny then… so when you are there and see that not all people float above the parquet, like the couples at Let’s Dance… And it certainly does not come from About the fact that there are always injuries. I do not want to put any rumors into the world… But you know: If I have a disease in the near future, which can be attributed to an excessive physical strain, you know the person responsible.

Adventskalendersäcke Äh -Sackets

But until that time, I make myself comfortable in the pajamas on the couch and think about what I would like to fill my advent calendar ähhhhh, of course, that of my husband. The laptop table, for example, which is great for surfing on the couch… O 🙂 Finally, it is not long anymore… not even more three weeks and we open the first door. So Hush Husch… It’s about time. And of course there is the question again, how big the bag must be, so that the table has space. So I advise clearly for larger Advent Calendar bags…

Flowerrock Vs. Continuous Rain

Finally, I say it through the flower-er the flower skirt. This is an ideal contrast for autumn days at which continuous rain prevails. Do not be deceived by the pictures-they were ten short minutes, when the weather had forgotten that it was raining. But honestly I had an hour after that to get the Batz (Bavarian for mud) out of my shoes. Maybe gibbet there also a resourceful part, which could be put into an Advent calendar bag? Now I would like to know how this works with you with the Advent calendar? Even filled or already bought and wish you a wonderful, relaxed Sunday without a fine weather or so….

Rock: River Island-the skirt is just back in size 38 at Zalando (Zalando-Affiliatelink) available. 
Blouse: Mango-unfortunately I have not found any more. 
Waistcoat: WENZ – Mango has ne great vest, which I found however only over Zalando  (Affiliatelink). 
Long chain: Zara 
short chain: Stella & Dot 
pantyhose: ItemM6-Pure Matt 50 by Falke is also ne great tights (Affiliatelink), long not so expensive and via About you have.

In addition, not only because of the fancy gift ideas, Radbag is worth a visit-the superwitzigen product descriptions make the shop even more attractive.