Preparing for the Heat of High Summer:Pants

As we’ve said in this post, the shorts are a great relief for those who face the high summer in hot cities, but are not all environments that allow the use of this piece, many times you can not give up, however this is not a reason to move heat, just choose the model and the ideal mesh for this time of year and match what you think best.


The jeans is still an option, but the lighter and with spandex in your composition, material which makes it the most comfortable and stretchy denim, linen is for casual moments or that walk outdoors, cotton is versatile and chino pants for work or play, despite being made of cotton, only thicker , can still render some looks, but just to be sure, let the show with some folds on the bar, it may seem little, but the ventilation in this area helps a lot! And you can get more from Best-Medical-Schools.

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If you do not put the jeans of choice, at least those whose color is lighter, washes and laundry purposes as threadbare, whiskers and creases are successful this season. The jeans color is also a good option at this time where the colors gain a particular focus, the color chinos also appear as increased visual interesting and even cooler, in this case the colors seem to have no limit, in stores you can find the yellow gold to military green, turquoise blue, Orange, red, watermelon, green and lilac water, everything will depend on your taste and your boldness.

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The minimalist cut with knife pockets, the pants in denim and cotton chinos, has a good relationship with the station asking for light clothes with few details, tabs and spangles, making room also, on that same strand, for pants in tailoring, but in this case is between the cotton, linen and wool cold, i.e. the natural fabrics, because synthetics can be stolen. The pants post still remains high, but now with more slim and trim flat pockets, after all bulky clothes tend to harm the silhouette. The five pockets straight cut Jeans (for more fat) and the driest (slim fit and skinny for thin) remain perfect in any season.

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4-where to use

A buoyant linen can be the ideal choice for a walk to the beach, accompanied by a fresh shirt and a sandal. Chino pants are good companions for work, your lean silhouette and classic cut your are great in almost any environment. Who wants a little more sophistication can stay with the tailoring, being combined with social shirts or casual elements, the first suggestion is more professional, the second can work for an afternoon of shopping, cinema or bar with friends, however nothing prevents you invert it, provided you have freedom to do so. The jeans is the Joker, only find restriction when it arrives on the beach, in this case, cotton and linen reign.

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5 – the impasse of the white pants

Loved by some, hated by others, the white pants always wins more evidence at the height of summer, but to use it you must use common sense, because the play is not suitable for the workplace, becoming restricted to more open and airy locations, besides having an extremely casual character. In small coastal cities she seems to adapt well, especially when combined with looks, but in urban environments your use is more complicated, it’s difficult to keep your original color amid the dirt and pollution of a great metropolis.

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-Resin Fabrics don’t breathe like the Commons, you can bet that you will pass heat;

-Dark colors, needless to say, the material absorbs a lot of light heats up more;

-Very full-bodied Fabrics tend to retain heat.