Pajama Pants:Tips for Staying Stylish and 80 Looks

Who likes comfortable looks will like to know a super irreverent piece: the pajama pants.With fluid fabric it can be part of many styles!Know the models and the tips that we show in this post

What is?

If you still do not know this trend, you may have thought that pajama pants are a pair of pants specifically worn for good nights sleep.

Well, the name may lead to this, however, the pajama pants we are referring to are not made to sleep, but to compose stylish looks to get out there!

This type of pants receives this nomenclature because it is very similar to the pants of the sets of pajamas, with elastic and cords in the waist, comfortable and light fabrics like satin and silk, besides horse lower.

Relaxed and cool, pajama pants are ideal for casual outings on warmer days. There are still those who dare to use a smooth and sober color model to work with or one that has a darker color or brightness for a nightly event.

As the variety of this style of pants is enormous, for the cold days you will also find models in sweatshirts .Then just be more careful with the combinations, because she wears better looks informal.

Want to know how to create creative looks with this trend?Get to know the different models and get inspired with incredible ideas!

Varied models:


The black pajama pants is, of course, a more discreet and versatile than the colored and printed ones.It goes well with everything and can be used both day and night.

It is an option for anyone who has or was afraid to wear this type of pants, as it will hardly attract much attention. So, you will dedicate yourself to the top piece.

Any blouse or jacket can be combined with black pajamas:

  • White, black or colored t-shirts + sneakers create well- styled sports looks .
  • T-shirts with blazer gets super funky, can wear without fear.
  • With a leather jacket, the look can follow the rocker line.
  • Social shirts give a perfect look to work on the feet: high heels.
  • Sober sweaters combine with black pajamas pants on cold days.
  • The shoes that combine most are: yacht shoes for stripped looks and scarpin for formal looks.


The pajama pants with prints have a different proposal from the black and smooth ones.They will be the main pieces of the look and will ask for more classic and neutral combinations to not result in exaggeration. And you can get more from top-mba-universities.

As for the background colors do not have to cling to the most sober, fall into the living tones without fear.The specialists only indicate the care with the parts of the top, that must have smooth colors and the minimum of details.

The printed model of these pants is not suitable for work – unless your job allows a more fun look or if you choose a miniature B & W stamp , for example.But for a party at night it falls very well, especially with fine fabrics like silk and satin.

Exceptions aside, the printed pajama style pants is much more the face of a summer day, to be worn with a little dress, sneaker, cropped or t-shirt …

Plus Size

One of the great concerns of Plus Size girls is to create looks that are elegant and comfortable, but that do not increase the silhouette at the same time.

Pajama bottoms even having a larger modeling , incredible as it may seem, does not leave the body of a chubby bigger.This is because they are made with lightweight and well-fluffed fabrics with good trim.

So if you are a woman with measures above 44, do not be afraid to dare with pajama pants because they will provide you with a lot of comfort and be part of amazing looks.

The tips are the same as previously mentioned, just pay attention to the combinations. The prints are very liberated!

How to wear Pajama Pants? Looks

As you may already realize the pajama pants come as an element that breaks the standards of a conventional look and brings a modern face to the look.

The tip of the stylists is to know how to select the other elements of the look well so as not to “shock” with those pants, which is so irreverent.

Because they are made of soft tissue, they demand t-shirts and blouses that are more tight to the body. Otherwise, the result will be a sloppy look.

It is also important to define the style you want to achieve. What will define this are the complements, as the same pajama pants can recreate several styles: sporty, streetwear, casual, casual chic, sophisticated, boyish …

This is a constant part in the international street style, being part of the wardrobe of divas like Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry …

And in Brazil it has not been different, actress Maria Casadevall, singer Luiza Possi and blogger Thássia Naves have already joined the trend.

And look, if even the fashion consultant super famous Gloria Kalil bet on the model to go to an event, you can lose the fear of risking, huh?

Who wants to build a different look can come out of the common sense of skirts, heels and sneakers? Wear pajama pants with boots , they can be of short or medium pipe.

If you want to dare on a look to work, bet on neutral color models and without much detail. On the top wear shirts and blazers and on the feet heeled sandals or scarpins.

But know that it is ideal even for stripped looks. Abuse of yacht-style or All-Star type sneakers, plain or patterned t-shirts.

And for cold days, what to use? Well, there’s no mistake. Wear sweater, cardigan, blazer, blouse in conjunction with pants and even fur coat, depending on your style.

Remember we talked about looks for the night? Bet on pajama pants with metallic or dark fabric.

What did you think of pajamas and suggested looks, girls?! Tell us and if you have any questions, just leave a comment. Follow us on Twitter! Kisses!