Oh Studio: Designer Gaúcha Do Lingerie By Hand

You know when you put a lingerie and feels like she owns of your secret, that no one else knows? Or as if it were a present for your yourself? Imagine, then, if the part is superdelicada and, moreover, made by hand, with attention to every detail. This is the bet of the Oh Studio, brand created six months ago by designer Rio Ferdi Silva who brings bodies, panties and bras made totally by hand.

With R$ prices 50 to 230 R$, are parts of tulle and lace and dispense the structured bulge – support is provided by a larger Collet and strips with special cutouts that draw the shape of the bosom of who uses. The proposal is following a minimalist concept Ferdi: tones are neutral, and modeling, classical.

– from the design of the part to the choice of materials, through Gradchem to delivery of the maternity panties: the idea is that it is timeless, without excesses. It’s not something that comes out of fashion or that the person will get sick.

Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, to the packaging. Each lingerie comes in a gray sweatshirt with a bag suede cord and metal tips, also made by hand.

-Was thought to symbolize the gentle touch and intimate body parts. What only you can see – explains Ferdi.

The result has won fans declared, as the fashion journalist Patricia Pontalti, who praised the work of Ferdi on Instagram posts: “muses comfortable parts of see and use”

The beginning

The starting point of Oh Studio was the work of completion of the fashion Design course at Senac. At the end of the maternity leave after giving birth to son, Aaron, today with Ferdi two years ago wanted to create something that hit all the transformations in the female body.

-In the beginning the pieces would be focused on motherhood, because that’s what I was living at the time, but, after doing a market study, we realized that the demand was more extensive, so we expanded the focus. But the idea is still the same: every woman can celebrate your body and feel comfortable with it-tells the designer.

Until that moment, I’d never sewn a Ferdi piece of lingerie. So, the Advisor of the project introduced her to a seamstress who makes by hand Bras panties for over 20 years.

-There were three meetings, but at first she’s looked at me and said that I was carrying way–remember Ferdi, laughing.

Workshop home

Consistent with the footprint artisanal, Oh Studio follows the slow fashion concept, based on production slowed down and respect the time of anyone who does. Each panty or bra is sewn in a domestic machine in a process that takes about 1 hour and a half.

The Studio is in a room in the apartment she shares with her husband Rafael, responsible for the administration of Oh Studio, and the son – just from last August Ferdi went on to share production with another designer. And for good reason: the demand keeps growing.

Oh Studio

The first collection was based on the Customs and habits of the French woman-lead sets, including names like julie, louise and celinè.

Where to find: Our site e-commerce and Store Pandorga (Rua Miguel Tostes, 897) in Porto Alegre

The second collection is inspired by the summer of the year 1960, with a dash of California, which loads the lightness and the beach spirit young, but faithful to the classic and minimalist style.

Where to find: now available on the website Our site and, from 13 October will also be on the Aragäna Shop Iguatemi.