New Hit of the Season:Black and White Striped Pants

The new hit of the season is the black and white striped pants. The play is making the head of fashionistas and already starting to make an appearance in the Windows. However, this is the kind of trend that, you either love or hate.

For being different pajamas and get attention, many women do not feel safe in time to use it. But who loves to follow trends and daring combinations of looks, sure to bet in this piece.

Remember that the combination of black with white is associated with the French fashion house Chanel, which since 1930 is a success with these colors in feminine looks. The striped piece can be used in various ways, pleasing many tastes.

Can be combined with fun t-shirts, tops more tidy, cardigans, jeans and leather jackets, blazers, and, of course, casacões that can not miss in the winter. Best of all, is that these pants suits in most women. Refine the silhouette and stretch your legs with a lot of style. Therefore, it is good news, especially with the little ones! And you can get more from

The pants earned the nickname of Beetlejuice, for remembering the horror comedy film of 1988, directed by Tim Burton. But in the film, the character wore the look in stripes.
Body type

Many women still have doubts on how to match pants with tops and accessories. See tips and photo gallery for you not to miss in time to use the striped pants, and be inspired with superbonitas compositions.


The trick is to use a shirt more larguinha to make a blusê effect and disguise your waist a bit of mortar. Ankle boot and shoulder bag with an “air” heavier, help let the look cooler.


The larguinha shirt, with lap distracting detail of what you don’t want to show. Put an open blazer helps to create vertical lines emagrecedoras. Use it with the sleeves rolled up, so you show the pulse, which is a lean body part. Shoe and clutch neutral complete the look with elegance.

Important: Sweater and jacket should cover your hip.


Use a silk blouse, for example, with a belt helping to mark the waist makes the most beautiful silhouette. Complement the look with colorful accessories with harmony between them. Looks great!


Put a blazer with shoulders pretty powerful, that makes it balance with the size of your hips. Use with a fun t-shirt and complete with a vibrant color.

Tip:Let the t-shirt more compridinha to cover the volume of hips.

Inverted triangle

Blouse with peplum creates volume in the hip, leaving your body with more proportion. A very modern and colorful handbag gives a touch of fun and retro necklace gracing the visual clean shirt. To finish off with enough elegance, a chic and classic black pumps. Without error!