Military Pants Male Vintage: The Green Iconic from the Og 107 Utility Pants

You are such a fan of military uniforms old as I? If you like, or want to learn a little more about their influence on how we dress today, will enjoy this text about the “fatigue utility pants“. They are the pants in olive green that the us army adopted after the Second World War.

Military Pants Male Vintage The Green Iconic from the Og 107 Utility Pants

Really like to wear this pant, which is made in the fabric of the green OG-107. It is an excellent alternative to rest the selvedge denim in the warmer months.

So, I decided to mount this little post of inspiration for those who still do not know the option.

What are fatigue pants?

Calm Down, Luke. What business is this of pants fadigada?

Fatigues are military uniforms for work or combat, unlike uniforms for ceremonial occasions. Are dresses in the time to dig, clean, fix things, or any other heavy duty ruining a good uniform.

The name has its origin in the term fatigue duty (duty of fatigue), the obligations need not be strictly military, but fadigam the subject.

The troops received uniforms “fatigue” to accomplish these tasks, but with time the term started to also be synonymous with costumes for combat.

The OG-107 Utility Pant is made part of the uniform of combat and basic work of all branches of the Armed Forces of the United States from 1952 until the early ‘ 80s, when it was replaced by the BDU (Battle Dress Uniform).

What is this OG-107?

The name makes reference to the code of green coloring from the U.S. Army, “Olive Green 107” and later “Olive Green 507“, being the OG-107 the original, done in cotton and the OG-507 in a blend of cotton and polyester, released in the early 70’s.

The variant poly-cotton OG-507, which launched in the 70s remains dark for a longer time, but the versions of cotton fade quickly to a grey-green:

How did the green american military?

This green has a history ironic….

In 1949, the Office of the Quartermaster General decided to review the uniform of the us military because the drab “Olive Drab” was considered a disadvantage for recruitment.

In addition to being openly compared with vomiting, the armed forces of the time thought that the mass of parts of the military in civil life, has eroded the prestige of the uniform.

The search for a new color has been one of the most comprehensive processes of development and market testing in the history of clothing!

An advisory committee has determined that a green-neutral grey was the choice of the most favorable for the greatest number of people. Then, they tested uniform with about 15,000 soldiers in 24 cities and quantificaram the enthusiasm of the recruits, veterans and wives; among other experiments.

You can read more about this in this compilation of official reports.

The new color OG-107 projected “confidence and preparedness of a military force authoritarian,” reported the historian Shelby Stanton in his book U. S Uniforms of the Cold War “.

This green complemented the desire of the U.S. to project a professional front to their adversaries of the Cold War. Ironically, some decades after its release, it would be subverted by the wave of uprisings and movements the young anti-authoritarian.

It is in this mixture of utilitarianism and bravery with peace and bohemia, that the color and the uniforms remain in the folcróre of male clothing!

What would be the Utility Uniform?

This set of pieces is probably the most iconic among the uniforms in the color OG-107 due to the historical context.

Tributes to bygone eras or political messages has nothing to do with my taste for these pants, but not ignore the symbolic force so contradictory.

The uniform consisted of a simple shirt of closing by buttons and two chest pockets with flaps and buttons, and a pair of straight with patch pockets in front and two pockets with flap ago.

The main topic of this text is the pants OG-107 Cotton Sateen Utility Uniform, that appears in the photos above, and made part of the uniform used mainly at the beginning of the Vietnam War.

In my opinion, the big upset happened in 1971, when navy lieutenant John Kerry returned from the Vietnam War and proclaimed its position of protest, wearing his green military uniform.

Country Joe at Woodstock, John Lennon in Madison Square Garden and Jane Fonda in the Free the Army show everyone how uniforms could be worn in protest.

In the book “The Language of Clothes“, Alison Lurie comments that “the boy with long hair wearing coat of confederate or jacket Eisenhower was not a coward; that he was not against all wars – just against the conflict’s cruel and unnecessary, and for which he was in danger of being summoned”.

The young of the counterculture wore military uniforms to experience the machine war, to honor the boys destined to die in the conflict, and also to enjoy the bohemian life.

Anyway, the design in the color OG-107 is one of the uniforms that remained in use for a longer time in the U.S. Army, going from 1952 until the arrival of the BDU Woodland in 1982.

And because the Fatigue Utility Pants OG-107 are such practices?

The uniforms of the Army of the USA of the 1950s offered protection against the cold in Korea. The uniforms of the 1960s and 1970s have evolved to meet the demands of the tropics in the war in Vietnam.

The uniforms of the garrison were little affected, but the uniform field changed to be more practical and comfortable in the jungles hot Southeast Asia.

Remember the climate of any place?

Inspiration to wear the green military Utility OG-107

Man wear colorful still frightens people a lot, but if I had that you indicate only one color on the whole story it would be the green military. I dare say that it yields up more options than a pair of jeans, for example.

To change a little and vary your wardrobe, the pant military green OG-107 is the best option. If you’re still in doubt, take a look at the inspirations that I pulled together. In addition to combining with the own green, she combines too with denim jackets and leather jackets. It is not for nothing that the use of both.

Simple combinations are the best

As the suggestion is for the heat, it combines with the good old white t-shirt or some shirts hawaiian with a soldier at rest in the pacific. Denim jackets or shirts chambray are well-aimed shot, and another tip is combine with black, on the t-shirt and on the boot, that is a classic!

This pant is also part of the uniform, the Ivy League, and many people fans of this traditional look of the american universities in the decades past like to use in place of trousers, chino’s, blazers navy blue and shoe.

Straight-cut or wide, the ideal

The model’s fashion pants military green is the slim and it is very likely you read that they must be perfectly adjusted in the legs. Wrong!

View it as well loose. Click this male influence, of the uniforms, to your visual. The fatigue utility pants should not be pants perfectly adjusted. They are the coolest with an “anti-fit” in nature, casual.

With boots or with sneakers

The uniforms made in the color OG-107 was transformed into a uniform for the dissidents. The green jacket in that color could represent the bark of a loner (Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver), the skin of a neurotic (Woody Allen in Annie Hall), the emblem of the last honest man (Al Pacino in “Serpico”) and the sign of the resistance of a rebel.

Maybe that’s why these pants are so versatile. Just some details, entirely change the proposal without that they will be displaced. With boots and jackets for the military, designing a air utility. With tennis the same Birkenstocks and bar folded, incorporate a bit of air bohemian of the 70’s.

I rather like the comparison of those first two photos. Both with combination jackets blue are similar, with t-shirt and military pants. The only things that change are the hat and the shoes, with the effect of changing completely the “air” of the outfit.

Where To Purchase

The fatigue utility pants, as many of the clothes we wear today, they were military uniforms. So, if you want, you can buy vintage.


  • Os brechós Broadway & Sons e Wooden Sleepers costumam ter. Quanto mais antigas, mais caras. A de nylon-algodão é muito mais barata do que a versão em cetim de algodão.
  • Another option, is to search for on Etsyor even in our Free Market. I have already put the link with the search prontinhas for you to seek out your size.


But, like everything that is vintage, the gold rush is his best friend. In the modern era, this means a lot of research in Google for “vintage fatigue pants”, “OG 107 fatigue pants”, etc.

They do not enjoy the old thing or not is to look for? There are two tags that are very affordable with versions some different fabrics.

  • Earl’s Apparel has arrived to manufacture trousers for the u.s. army and has models wide and more slim, in satin, of cotton (not as interesting as the vintage ones). She does not have his own store but you can find in Independence, Chicago, and Snake Oil Provisions
  • The Stan Rayis another super brand’s traditional Workwear, with version in ripstop.
  • A little more expensive, but my favorite is the version made by Orslow in the versions Regularor Slim. They practically the price of a vintage original, considering that it has adjusters on the side (a detail that disappeared in the more modern versions).
  • Another interesting brand is the Engineered Garments. They have the fatigues of the line Workaday, cut off in traditional fabric, and the versions of the main line with a few creative details like hidden zipper pockets.

I hope that you have enjoyed the tips and photos of inspiration! Who knows this may be the next pair of pants that you buy to stop your jeans to breathe?

The cool thing is that they also fade beautifully, as well as your raw denim favorite.