Maria Valentina|Free and Intense-17 Winter Campaign

In a gripping game, Maria Valentina brings the season pieces inspired by the gypsy poetics and mingle the tailors, who still receive the metallic gold. Natural tones also appear in the palette, dimmed by the stories of that nomadic people. Green, red, yellow and earth tones coexist in harmony with prints inspired by ceramics and tapestries.

Shapes away from body provide a sophisticated and relaxed silhouette, which is adjusted by the indispensable coverage of the station: parkas, bombers and blazers full of refinement. Sensual, nocturnal parts bring lace and details flocked, in addition to textures and plots that coexist with fabrics, trims unpretentious.

Indispensable item of numerous discoveries and voyages, the jeans carries the marks of time, in designs that explore the new-like pants that bring front and zippers in jackets with synthetic leather-and vintage-looking parts that still receive embroideries and applications refer the passages and stories told between cities and roads.

The suede if notes, as well as hides, elements that celebrate the passage of the natural image of the nomads to the urban atmosphere. Accessories arrive bringing instant desire. Semijoias of mysterious and sophisticated appeal, folding handbags in new moulds and the use of animal print, make them indispensable complements of this meeting that no more arousing all the senses.