Maier Sports Jennisei ¾ Trousers

Our staff and product tester, Sebastian Krauss, has been for us the m sports Jennisei ¾ hose tested. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the Maier sports Jennisei ¾ pants in our McTREK product review.

Scope & purpose of the m sports Jennisei ¾ trousers

The m sports Jennisei ¾ trousers is like climbing, mountaineering and cycling, is also at leisure, in everyday work, as well as in various urban activities can be used for outdoor activities,.

Characteristics & features

  • UV protection
  • water repellent
  • Belt
  • Stretch trousers
  • The leg hem drawcord
  • Side pocket
  • Back pockets
  • Security Pocket

Functionality & ease of use

An easy and very pleasant function pants which moves anywhere therefore on the basis of your Elastananteils . On hot treks, moisture is removed very well so that these pants dry again very quickly. The incorporated DrawString pants leg allows the pant leg length setting flexibility thus also. All bags, no matter whether side pocket, back pocket, or also the security pocket inside the pants are provided which allow safe transport of all utensils, such as wallet, keys or mobile ZIP Zip . The security Pocket is used such as the safekeeping of valuables, which must be not necessarily be directly accessible. The supplied belt, fit complete very good comfort together with the elastic waistband and the verbesseten . On the way to the Lake, in the city, a small round on the bike or extended treks, in any situation, the Jennisei pants provides maximum comfort.

Comfort during use

Comfort is exactly the right word. Rarely does one find a such pleasant and functional trousers. The fit is more than excellent. All movements are unimpeded. At the zipper zipper rubber pads are processed in the handle holes with logo, allowing a pleasant open how to also close the zippers. Safety Pocket exactly purpose, it protects against fast access.

Only drawback, you have the belt, as well as the trouser button to open to reach the Interior of security pocket. So only cash in the Pocket can be stored, but not a whole purse, which precludes their use in everyday life. After a hot day feels in his pants still when you would be hatched in the trousers in what proves a high level of breathability. Unfortunately, the belt can be bit stiff pull off because the belt buckle is often stuck in the belt loops.

Processing quality

Often worn can be observed to date still no lack of quality. Buttons, seams and zippers are where you belong. Who voluntarily warranty is 5 years on its products, can’t go wrong not much in my opinion.

Personal impression

Since the receipt and first wearing, my first choice is ¾ hot pants days always on the AllCityCodes. Quick-drying after a small wash, the stretch enabled me to wear very often. I carry you in work, leisure and easy hiking tours.

I would however modify the security bag. The Pocket should be accessible from the outside via zipper, as is necessary to reach the bag open the pants front. While thus, protects thieves but unfortunately also in front of a itself. Really only suitable for utensils, which are very rarely necessary.