Look of the Day:Fake Leather Pants

Oiiii girls!! And today’s looks with the fake leather pants, remember the post from Mary Esther our site, there I commented that he found a pair like that in a really good modeling and this week I’ve used twice!

In this first look I used it with wine and a gray knit blazer and have complemented the look with a blue, peels and purse in the same shades.

These jeans are very comfortable and how modeling is flare, she’s not just the body, leaving the less sexy pants, with a more serious!

After I took the pictures I noticed that everything was “combinandinho” but I like the result! Oh and this watch has been my Valentine’s day gift (loved it!)

fake leather pants MIXED/tricot ANIMALE/blazer ZARA/C A/bag, peels & FERNANDA GREGORIN/rings FABRIZIO GIANNONE/h. Stern watch

And that’s the look I’m using today, I arranged the pants with a shirt and a knit vest with leather details fake and completed the look with a beautiful necklace!

Mix of textures, yarn, silk and leather

fake leather pants MIXED/shirt/vest with tricot RENNER fake SIBERIAN/DANIELLE BARONE/necklace

And then girls liked the looks? I confess I was afraid to use these pants for work, but with these two looks, I lost that fear and I think she can be incorporated into more formal looks, the key is to use it with more basic and classic pieces, so the leather pants loses a little sensuality, which should only appear when you want! Imagine these pants with a low-cut top in silk, with a make more marked and a beautiful clutch … will pan out in the Club!

One day bright and full of good things for all!