Lay-up of Pants-Jeans with Original Edge

Some of the cool thing about jeans is the special look with the worn details in the design and the clear stitching in contrast colors on many jeans. It is often the sink, man falls in love with, for it is the, which greatly helps to give the special details and that special look. Part of this look is the edge at the bottom in legs.

If the pants are put up with one of the special jeans threads, which is much more powerful than regular sewing thread, and hard to find in the right color, it is extra sour, if one has to make a lay-up of his pants, then disappearing edge at the bottom of course.

Or does it now also it?

Keep the edge at the bottom, when you SEW hemming of pants.

It is actually quite easy to make a lay-up of pants, where you retain the edge. In ordinary trousers gives it not as much sense, but it makes pretty good sense in jeans that preserve the original edge at the bottom, just because it is a big part of the design and the whole look of the khaki pants reviewed by ACT-TEST-CENTERS.

In fact, I have shown this technique in Frihuset on TV2 Free back in november 2013 (I forgot what day it was posted – if you know it, then write it finally in a comment). But I am often asked, how to sew a lay-up of pants, where you retain the edge at the bottom, so when Izzy wrote with exactly that question to my sew-mail box, so it was natural to make a video here to the blog.

Lay-up of pants-Jeans with original edge.

Here’s how:

View all steps demonstrated in the video below the wizard here.

The final decommissioning is going to look something like this:

Lay-up of pants – step 1

Find out how much the pants should be put up at, and fold the pants. take the edge outwards, so you have the piece to be removed on the outside. So it’s easy to see how much you want to. Insert a needle in a single place, and take the pants of.

Lay-up of pants – step 2

Objective how much to be removed by the length. In the example in the video it is 5 cm. pull the needle out, and make a new fold, there is only half as wide as the length, you need to have removed. You should measure the width of the new fold from just below the original edge to the fold. Set of needles in, so the transfer will be held in place.

Lay-up of pants – step 3

Turn inside out on the pants, so it’s easier to get to with the sewing machine. Sew “inside the” leg, so you can easily see where you sew, and control what you’re doing. See how I am doing in the video.

Lay-up of pants – step 4

Sew all the way around the leg. Your sticking (sewing), must lie just below the edge of the original holding. You need to sew as close as you can without sewing in the original holding. Sew with ordinary sewing thread in a color that matches the fabric. The seam should be as invisible as possible, so forget about jeans thread and contrasting colors – they are already in the original decommissioning, and it is the one that will be visible from the right.

Lay-up of pants – step 5

Fold the original holding down, and slide the fabric, you have “stitched away”, in the trouser leg up. Pres the seam with the iron, so it will be sharp and Nice, and so the extra fabric sticking up in the trouser leg. You should not cut anything by, unless it is really much, you’ve put the pants up. You may want to. booklet fold to seam allowance in the 2 stitches (the side seam and indersømmen), if you’re nervous about whether it comes to bristle out under the bottom. But it does so very infrequently.

View all steps for decommissioning of pants with original edge demonstrated in the video here:


REMEMBER to wash your jeans BEFORE you put them up!!

It’s pretty differently how much the creepeth, and there is no reason to put them more than necessary. If you were to put them up, before they are washed, and find out afterwards that they have climbed, so you can put them down a little again, if you have sewn with this technique. It you can’t, if you cut something of substance.

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