Knee-High Pants:Step By Step and 100 Funky Looks!

If you love trends in fashion, you certainly know the popularity of torn knee pants. This version of destroyed is a trend among men and women around the world, with details that change according to the standard of boldness of the user. We could not stop talking about this piece, so follow the post and know everything!

Stripping pants has always been seen as a way to differentiate the piece, giving a bold and funky touch to such a popular and usual model.Destroyed reveals more uncluttered nuances with many possibilities to innovate in design and patterning.

The tear on the knee is an option that appeals to them and they: it can be a small and discrete hole or a huge hole in the whole area.For this, you can customize and customize according to your style – an alternative, since it is difficult to find here to sell in stores.

The torn knee pants are trend at the moment and promise to stay on for a long time. On social networks you can see many people posting photos using, fashion inspired gringa, in the style of famous and fashionistas.

In addition to the model of the pants, which can either be jeans or twill , there is still change as to texture, tone and wash.Black is a strong trend, as it combines with just about everything.

Another great thing about torn knee pants is that it can be used in all moments of leisure – in outings and parties – and also in a more exquisite event where it is possible to innovate in the look.

The grunge style has always worn this panty pattern, which out there is called ripped knee pants or destroyed knee pants.

Think of a balanced and harmonic look to wipe out on any occasion, so you can wear torn knee pants at the most varied events. Better than that, just seeing many inspiring photos!

Female Knee-Raised Pant Models – How to use?

The torn trousers on the female knee highlight the body and range from a fussy type (with large holes) to discreet, with a small strip in that area.The advantage is that it suits jeans, skinny, twill, boyfriend … all kinds of pieces are apparent with this detachable detail.

And to use, match with what? For being a more ‘rebellious’ model, it is the face of casual fashion , ideal for leisure.The composition depends on the piece, but basically the complement with blouses and various shoes always yields perfect and flashy looks.Take a look at the looks to get an idea!

With sneakers, heels, boots, sneakers + different blouses, coats and overlays: a feminine look with these pants has possibilities for hot and cold days! And you can get more from act-test-centers.

Is the torn knee trousers also indicated in the formal style? According to experts, there is no problem depending on the occasion. What matters is to combine with harmony all the pieces and to choose a pant with pattern that valorize the body. See how cool it is!

Knee High Heel Pants – Looks

The fashion of torn knee pants also captured the boys.The male model follows basically the same nuances of the feminine, always in jeans (in several washes) or Chinese pants.

In the case of men, the destruct also opens up scope for several concepts, both in a more daring and stripped-down rocker style and in more simplistic ideas to use casually.

Members of the band Asking Alexandria wearing destroyed pants with knee tears

The torn men’s knee pants can be purchased at department stores and also customized at home according to your style. The standard is versatile and variable , not for nothing that everyone falls in love with this modern and funky piece! Take a look at the looks for the guys!

Boys can wear with various shoes (sneakers, slippers, shoes and boots) as well as blouses, overalls and various shirts, both monochromatic and embossed. Just think of a balanced look!

Just like for women, men can also put on a cool look with these pants for casual and formal events. Tip: combine with accessories and give it a go!

How to Make Knee-Heeled Pants Step by Step

The step by step of the torn knee pants is great for you to create the piece the way you like and, better yet, to save and give a new face those unusual pants that are thrown in your closet.

The DIY procedure is better than buying because you decide the size and nuances of the tear so that it conforms to your style.

The tutorial – for both the female and the male model – is very simple and fast!

  • Choose the pants you want to customize. It can range from a new to that old jeans – regardless of the pattern and type, the result is the same!
  • Look, sit down and use a pen to do the marking on the knee before tearing, whether large, medium or small.
  • With a good pair of scissors, start cutting. If you want a discreet and shredded effect, use sandpaper, fork or razor.
  • The result depends on your creativity and the way you want to leave the pants. You can innovate in different ways!

To see how step by step is in practice, watch the videos!

Are you going to stay out of this trend? The torn knee pants came to stay and gives that prominence in the look you were looking for to innovate and rave about!How about taking a test?Then tell us the result.

Do you have any doubt?Leave a comment in the post.Good luck and see you!(I.e.