I’ve Bought Something-Partylook Mit Spitzenbluse

Today I start with a confession… I think a Friday is a good day for a confession. After all, I’ve been spitting so big sounds because of the Black Fridays.

So, because I have not bought anything… and that has also voted. On Friday, I stood firm and went to bed with a proudly swollen chest.But then came this crazy cyber-weekend… That means actually most shops have their Fridays extended to Monday… Tztztz… where there is sowas. If my boss would say to me, loud loud protest cry would be my answer. But at the “Seiberwochenende”, I press once an eye… But moment… You do not now, it comes still the outfit-due to Friday a party look with top blouse.

Yes-so what can I say, I need nothing… Absolutely nothing and certainly I need nothing new to put on. My garments are ALL not yet applied and I do not have patches on it, because the moth holes have reingegessen me. Today you sew patches on the jeans because it looks cool… like the buttons in the eighties. However, one must be over 18. If I wanted to sew my children, patches on various holes in the various trousers… Huiuiui… “Do not dare, mama!” And also the elbow patches serve only the look… Who sits today so long with the elbows supported on the table That they would wear out… I think this is not really common anymore. Today we would need something more for the underarms and sleeves, because of the wiping on various touch screens. Although this is what we are doing most of the time in standing äh… O 🙂

Discount Code

But back to the topic… I need nothing and still… With every e-mail, which flutters in my mailbox and stands in, only a short time 20 percent, click now and save with the code* Ichbrauchnix*, became mine “I want what feeling!” Bigger. What a lucky thing that many a server was overloaded and the order was stifled in the bud at the same time… In addition, I have noticed that I am not the only one, the “short-before-closing cyberweekend alarm” the brain nebulies and the Orderfinger had taken over the power. That was my luck!Probably the shops are all with the Telekom? You know, because of the router. But all the same… ultimately, the overloaded servers have only prevented the worst. Of the receipt mentioned thing with the e-mails, I must also go to the bottom? Can not be that I have all subscribed?

In The Entengang Through Frankfurt

Now I have a new black dress and new UGGs. I’ve bought it from the glamupyour lifestyle. Since I will visit her soon, I have to waddle with her together through the Frankfurt City-in the partner look of course. Besides, it says all good things are three… And if I take two of the 5 pairs of UGGs, which I call my own, two, then we are at three. This impressive logic has already been coined by Edmund Stoiber, who flew with the Transrapid in 10 minutes from the Munich main station. In addition, I have a new necklace, finally a choker and a light top, which has very refined sanding details on the shoulders. And have I already mentioned the leather jacket? I appreciate dear family, in favor of the shopping madness of the woman mama the rest unfortunately has to do without the Christmas gifts. You certainly understand that. O:-)

A Top Blouse Deflects

I can not tell you about my achievements, because we did not make the pants photos. The deliveries were not as fast as thought. My favorite DHL man has reported that the packages are noticeably increasing and the online Christmas shopping is well-opened. On my free days, I also notice. If I accept the cartons for half the neighborhood and I feel like a 100k Instagrammerin…  I have the fear that the next discount action is not long in coming. But that is quite certain without me. Then I am at work or at a party. Haha… what a great transition. At my party I have a black look with lace blouse worn. I have read, hole embroidery and lace distract from a small bosom. I think this works with my top blouse quite well. Have a great friday.

Blouse: Bon A’Parte-unfortunately the blouse is never available and an identical I have nowhere found. For this I like the top blouse of Asos  (Affiliatelink) very well-which also comes immediately with so mega frills. And at Peter Hahn, there is a chic blouse  (Affiliatelink) in big sizes. 
Pants: 7forallmankind-mine I have already eternally… and no comparable Seven found. For this you have a black skinny of Only (Affiliatelink). 
Coat: NYDJ-this coat I have been two years now and I have found nothing similar. 
Shoes: Felmini