How To Use Female Saruel Pants

The democratic or sarouel pants in English: drop-crotch can be used in almost all places and occasions. To depend, of course, the fabric chosen. For informal commitments, and basic productions, detached, or sports club, the ideal are sauréis in jeans, tighter, skinny type, or squishy like mesh fabrics with spandex, sweatpants, viscose, etc. Although super cool and advanced, the sarouel pants can become a very dangerous. If used the wrong way, obviously.

The x of the matter is that, for being a modeling aggregates enough volume in the region of the hips and butt, expanded – you know what I’m talking about, right?And as most of the pieces in the fashion they fall better in skinny, who have that body part more closely. Because these pants tend too much to increase this area.And if all you want is disfarcá it, it wouldn’t be the hammer a good choice.

But don’t be sad, however, is also a play sarouel pants well adapted. And with a few tips, I can not to be left out of the trend and values the body shapes. To do this, be aware of a few ground rules: even with the low horse, she is a pair of snugly at the waist, which help give a visual charm if used with a drier. Generous hips housewives should choose thick fabrics, saruéis in dark colors, or the fluid fabrics.And always making the combination of using them with more coladinhas in the upper part of the body. After all, there’s plenty of cloth down, isn’t it?

According to your style and look you choose, from simplest sweaters, invista as races, baby looks, tomaras to fall, to more social shirts, gowns, and stamped-chess, stripes or liberty. But, for this, remember that saruel elected should be smooth. Accessories are indispensable to make the production more harmonic and not let the concentrated look only to the underside of the body. To balance the proportions, invest in necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Now for summer 2011-despite her having given a faintly of recent fashion shows presented this season, combine them with flats sandals and slippers. When winter comes, or for more elaborate productions, don’t even think about leaving it aside, to do this, go to heavier shoes, aggressive and sophisticated. The Valley with high heels a half-foot and heel of pointy, applications, etc. Super versatile, can be used also sarouel pants with sneakers all star type, or finer footwear, as peep toes and shoes.