Fake Leather Pants, Silk Blouse, Long Vest And Thought Heap

I think turtle patches are guilty… but also may be that I’ve just been looking for someone or better, something that I could push my bad mood.

 Possibly also the contribution from last Sunday is due to the lasered turtleneck. The vulture knows what the fumes had been. But actually I do not really believe it all… The inner unrest is sometimes simply there and then it is similarly annoying as a stone in the shoe.Or an uninvited guest who just does not want to leave. That is true but not for my outfit, because a really nice thing in the fall and the colder temperatures are outfits with Lagenlook and my fake lederhose may also raus raus.

Inner unrest is not really tangible and there is no reason for it-but as I said, it is still. Simply so and also suddenly. But, for no reason. My nature is kinda like to do several things at the same time. This is not to say now that I am mega multitasking. But as I like to distribute various piles through the house, so I like to distribute little more in my thoughts. Unfortunately, these thoughts are not there, where I have seen them last. In contrast to the very existing house clusters, those in my brain are rather fleeting. Only remedy-immediate write down. Unfortunately, I do not put my theoretical knowledge into practice often enough. The result: I am annoyed that I can not remember what I did last summer … O 🙂 Let alone who else.  

A Role For Me

No, there is no reason for (external) disturbance… I still have all the cups in the cupboard. Despite the pile-metaphor. I hope so at least.However, this several things at the same time make äh think, leads more and more frequently to chaos and then to inner unrest. This is not quite true-as long as I can influence the course itself, everything is in perfect order. But here also bounce two children around, who are also willing to do several things at the same time. The krux, the things of the children also always play a role for me. I am glad to receive them between the door and the door, while the main director is already out of the dust. On the other hand, I have just been thinking of a postponement, but of which I unfortunately only half understood.

Thoughts Pile

Need an example? Please imagine the following situation: I sort the laundry and form a thought-pile on the topic: ‘After how many months without TÜV, one gets a point?’ Meanwhile, it rings at the door! I opened my eyes and lost a lot of pain in the face, followed by the words: “Mom, can you hang up the jacket? I can not do it because we’re playing football and I’m standing in the goal and now there’s Murmel Murmelmurm… “” Uhhhh, you could not break the game, “I stammered as I pulled the piece of fabric from my head, To find out that the child is back on the road again. For me, on the other hand, the brain of ideas on the topic of TÜV is going into other brain regions and withdrawn from my attention.

Where Is?

Or another thing: Just before all the family members leave the house in the morning, it is probably the same chaotic as in the rest of the nation. While I am considering whether my company card is really and really, as it is, in my car (which still has to be TÜV), a child yells: “Where is my front-door key?”, Jacket, cap, bicycle lock can be replaced. I guess this list is endless. But no matter what it is, the family is enthusiastic and looking for. In addition, certainly needs a child, if not both 5 euros, which should have been three weeks ago, when the legendary art project had entered the hot phase. That’s why the child was so crazy and I know why other parents always look at me like that at school events. But other topic-no matter what we were looking for-my company log idea has gone.

No Action At The Dentist

I think of these again only when I notice in the office that I do not come through the door and the pass was not in the car. Grmpf… At the expired TUV I’m lucky, if I do not get nod of the police, because then I’m sure the point eh. At best, the power station notes it before 8 months. For then announces the exceeding of the TÜV and punctual there is no livelihood more…. The worst is, then, at any time, all these thought-piles fall back on me at the same time.Preferably at a moment when I am just incapacitated-at the dentist or something. What then leads me to forget what I just thought-but there remains an inner unrest. Because-it was definitely important.

My Fakelederhose Is Allowed Again To The Air

So, before I forget it now, I come to the outfit. An advantage of the colder temperatures is that I can again overlap several layers. In addition, the leather pants or fake leather pants can finally get out of the closet. Leather and silk is simply ne mega combi and the long vest gives the whole look the final touch. I had borne a lunch with my mother-in-law and the blouse has thankfully no stain. And now I go the thought heap with the To Do’s looking for the next week and I wish you mega relaxed Sunday…

Pants: BOSS Orange – my is made of fake leather-but at girls’ flea market I just got a pair of Oakwood pants from genuine leather .  
Blouse: Dorothee Schumacher-I have not found a single affordable silk blouse in green, so I simply link one that I particularly like fromFaith Connexion with lace seam via Farfetch. (Affiliatelink) 
Vest: Amy Vermont-is unfortunately no longer available, but I have found a nice long vest from Dreimaster at About you  (Affiliatelink). 
Shoes: Felmini-these booties are no longer available, so I just link a shoe that I can imagine – Pumps with wide heels from Mango via Zalando  (Affiliatelink) 
Scarf: Pashmina-already a few years now Very loving companion. 
Jacket: Zara
Nail Polish: Essi (snake, rattle and roll)