Cargohose-Casual And Everyday – And A Story About Chaos

In an hour I have to be there… and I need about 45 minutes… The parking search is not included. But first I must drink a cup of coffee.So a fast…

Flux to the coffee machine and pressed on the button, instead of the familiar Mahlgeräusche, the “device” reports: “The amount of water is not enough!” Oh, that goes quite fast… Then I quickly get the brittagefilterte water from the refrigerator, To refill the tank…. In the hurry I poured the water very sweeping unfortunately not only in the tank. But not enough. Because I’m on the go, my outfit is natural. Cargohose, Leos at the feet and the disastrous shell, a white blouse – not quite insensible I would mean.

But well, it’s just water… Quickly wiped everything, water tank used to finally press on the CollegesandUniversitiesinusa, for cappuccino. But instead of a delicious coffee drink, there is a drip tray. Okay, clear… instead of the tank, the drip tray is full of liquid… What else! So I empty the drip tray, which is of course filled up with not quite so clear water. Since the clock is ticking and it is not an hour until my appointment, I am torn, perhaps a tiny bit too jerky on the shell. In any case, the water spills over the edge and the coffee grounds container, which is also in the drip tray, falls over. Blended with the ground, damp coffee now floats a brown soup on the kitchen worktop rum.

Hopping Is More Adult Than Doing

And according to the nature of the fluid, it does not, of course, remain there. The brown broth, garnished with nothing but small coffee grains, flows to the floor, of course not without on the way there, the underlying drawer and the cupboard an intensive visit. A great Halloooooo and I imagine, I can hear the small grains laughing laughter and hissing. I decided to bounce and cursing loudly, I am alone at home. However, this is not the purpose… But I have the feeling that the energy that is just inside me has to go somewhere.Alternatively, I might also drain steam from my ears…. Or with the flat hand vigorously into the brown broth. But not at all, hopping and cursing seem to me much more “grown-up,” than Tatschen, even with regard to the white blouse, which is no longer quite white, but now sprinkled with granular splashing water.

Just Wait And See

So it’s no use when the wonderful coffee experience mutates to the disaster, my desire for coffee but also more than covered, I would like to leave the house with blowing hair. Finally, I have an appointment in 50 minutes. Is not it also so that the whole chose is much easier to remove when dried? I could then suck the crumbly coffee comfortably-perhaps. While these sloppy thoughts are ghosting through my mind, my dutiful being wipes the rag in the mess. But I see, I can not get on time. I’m going to have to change, and next time I’ll have tea.

Cargohose-Casual And Everyday

This story is really symbolic for me and my chaotic being. However, I do not give up the hope-somehow I will know it and do not want to drink just before a short coffee. Most certainly. However, the clash of accidents is certainly more Murphys Law owed than my tendency to chaos. My outfit certainly counts to the favorite style. Casual, comfortable, everyday, because it would be uncomplicated, if only the thing with the speckled, white blouse was not. Today we leave it but quietly, wait and drink tea, is finally Sunday and I wish you a relaxed love everyone.

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