C & The Spear Collection with GIG COUTURE

Rigorous contemporary design finishes are the hallmark of Couture, which debut GIG in C & A with a capsule collection inspired by their best-sellers. The brand developed mining 16 unique looks in jacquard with shapes and colors ideal for urban movements, feminine and sophisticated.

Ruffles, artwork, textures, geometry, brightness of lurex and metallic come into play to highlight the expertise of stylist Gina war and urban influences associated with street fashion and retro. Blue combined with the Orange, green, off white, black, gold and earth tones illuminate tops, skirts, pants, and plain or printed blouses bodies who value the body and define the season with versatile pieces for day and night.

The capsule collection GIG and C & A comes to the shop: cea.com.br, today day October 16, and selected stores in Brazil, from tomorrow, October 17.

About GIG Couture

Founded in 2005 by Gina War and Patricia Schettino, GIG Couture, develops women’s clothing with impeccable moulds, finishes and exquisite design based on three ideas: timeless, sophisticated and contemporary. Their plots are enriched every season through the improvement of techniques and development of unique schedules, together with high-tech machinery found at the plant, located in Belo Horizonte.

The quality of the work and of its plots enables the creation of parts that the body lines and still playing with modeling, cuts, shapes and trims. The whole process is monitored closely by the designer, Gina War, which attests to the quality control of its products.

The brand won the main country and multibrand, through the know-how of international market of Patricia, expanded the marketing for showrooms in Italy, Spain, Japan, USA and France. The latter, where they remain to this day in the Showroom Fabre in Paris.

After four years as a highlight of the Minas Trend Preview, GIG Couture joined the line-up of SPFW in 2014 for the winter season 15, when celebrated its 10-year history and at the same time Gina and Patricia inaugurated the first store in São Paulo in the gardens.

Today, Gina and Patricia have international repercussions – the brand has earned personalities such as Lana Del Rey, Beyoncé, Miranda Kerr, Lindsay Lohan and Christina Aguilera, who have been seen wearing Couture GIG productions. In Brazil, his pieces are often used by Marina Ruy Barbosa, Sabrina Samuel, Isabella Fiorentino, Renata Kuerten, among others.

About C & A

The C & A is a fashion company focused on proposing products and experiences that go beyond the wear, connecting the people themselves and to the world to your back. Founded in 1841 by the brothers Clemens and August, in the Netherlands, the brand opened your first store in Brazil in 1976, in São Paulo. Today, the company is present in all regions and have national coverage, through your online store. Conducts its business ethically and sustainably, committed to offering sets with positive impact.