Braces – More Than Just a Carrier for Pants

Invented they became known at that time better in the 18th century – under the name: “Hosenhebe”.While you previously hid the beams still scrupulously under jacket or vest, today looks quite different. The braces did namely now also make the leap to the modern accessories in addition to the useful hold function.

Carriers with Metal Clips or with Leather Straps?

The variety of variations now make the suspenders an eye catcher in any wardrobe. While the covered vehicle colors complete the outfit in an elegant manner, bright colors may be the missing icing on the cake. But whether now stained or discreetly: Braces are versatile in any case.Especially in the casual fashion, they have long ago achieved a breakthrough.

Those who opt for suspenders, do keep in mind however that you decide between beams with metal clips and straps with the typical leather straps. The braces with the stylish clips made of metal are pretty handy. Because they can be easily fixed to any waistband and are therefore versatile. Even when municipalities plus size there are braces with clips. Since they are 20 cm longer than the traditional carriers, they are particularly well for large men.

The Unique Design of the Leather Straps Harness

The stylish leather loops on the microedu, are made directly on the pants. This means that already when buying pants that care should be taken, whether there are buttons to attach at all. Who want to work around this problem, can easily sew the appropriate buttons on the pants. Carrier with stylish leather straps look pretty classy and stylish, but who like to individually and flexibly wants to use his new accessory, should access to the metal clips. However convincing the Stylish button makers with their individual design.

Oh by the way: Who reaches for the braces, should do the belt in the closet. Also who now thinks “Double holds better”, climbs so unfortunately in style goofed. Here the motto is: either… or.