Autumn-Winter Color Burgundy-Only Four Weeks Until Christmas

Today is the 22nd of November, which means according to Adam Giant. In one month and two days is Holy Night. So in little more than four weeks.

Autumn-Winter Color Burgundy-Only Four Weeks Until Christmas

And no, this is not surprising this year on December 24th. I can remember, that was the case last year and the year before and the year before. In addition, I have even written about it, that it is high time to fill the Advent calendar . Hello Advent calendar… already the word is in very direct connection with the Christmas time. To be surprised, so is absolutely inappropriate, not to say embarrassing. But this does not apply to Burgundy, which is not embarrassing. It fits very well into autumn and winter and to black.

I’m still surprised, though… This may not be true. How can a year go by… 365 days at such a speed? So on 22 November I am still facing the puzzles that have to be solved every year. What do I give my husband, my sister, my parents… my girlfriend, all the people who are important to me? Like every year, I have also planned for 2016 to be much earlier. I wanted to be on schedule with the end of the summer holidays. I would have had to work it out… As far as the plan… I can hold on: That probably did not work!

Jingle Bells and Gingerbread

Okay, I need a little Christmas print. So completely without Jingle Bells-Tralala in the shops and mulled wine break on the Christkindlesmarkt comes with me simply no Advent mood. After all, I waited till the 18th of November until I had my first gingerbread. Yes, I know this is still too early, but to my justification: I was afraid that he will be bad by the first advent. He had been in the supermarket shelves since August. You certainly understand that.

10 Degrees Plus-Time for Mulled Wine

In any case, in the meantime, there is no lack of adventures in the city. The Christkindelsmärkte are already built up and this week we go with the reflective mulled wine snuff. On the other hand, the temperatures for the opening of Christmas markets are again increasing to more than 10 degrees. Perhaps nevertheless times over NEN Cinnamon-Caipi or a cookie-Limo ​​think. What do you drink LA during Christmas? But no matter whether 10 degrees or 2-the adventurous mindset or perhaps better mindlessness does not make a break… The feast of love is approaching and I should now make me gladly to the errands.

I Love Gifts…

Right now, you could argue that the gift shop should be set for the Christmas festival. Better under the year times make a joy. The sensible among you, certainly do so for a long time. However, buying gifts under the year is even more difficult. There is simply missing the deadline. On top of that-I can not give away anything at Christmas, because I like to sit under the tree myself and unpack Christmas presents. In this respect I have probably not grown properly. Okay-I see it-please delete in this regard.

Christmas on Youtube

But I feel I was not alone – so I’m not the only one surprised.Because X-Mas-Commercials was so tightly committed to retailing a variety of Christmas delights. Since I’ve been looking for last week like a mad and nothing really found “new”. Only on John Lewis is Verlass-whose Christmas commercials, of course, since the beginning of November online and totally sweet. But you hardly wait a week, Christmas is coming to 2016 synonymous on YouTube and my favorite clips I linked you between the pictures. The use of handkerchiefs is, however, only necessary to a limited extent this year.

My Pants in Burgundy

Hmmmm, and what has my outfit now with X-Mas commercials to do… I’ll leave that out to you. I simply feel that the color Burgundy fits perfectly into the autumn and winter and it is just the right thing for a pair of pants. Colored trousers are for me mostly difficult, the combination possibilities really limited and therefore I shy the money issue. Most of the time, I had seen myself filled with colorful pants.This is not true for pants in Burgundy-which I now wear for years and find they fit really to many styling. Besides, the mulled wine stains do not look the same. So, but now go… I want you to write down and I tell you, I am really glad that the gifts of my children still the Christkind brings… I wish you a great week, your Conny

PS: In the pictures you can see very well, what happens when my eye cream is empty and I forgot to order…

PPS: … a very nice look with burgundy you can find at Irina by Fashionambit-tone in tone looks very noble.

Pants: AjC 
Shirt: Mango-also very funny sleeves has this shirt from House of Sunny via Zalando (Affiliatelink)  and the next shirt looks around the hip rum out like mine, is from Cinque can be found at Engelhorn Fashion  (Affiliatelink). 
Vest: Amy Vermont-there is just via Alba Moda  (Affiliatelink) and is really a great part. 
Shoes: Only-the Chloé look-a-like is, yes, to find some labels. For example also from Bronx via About you (Affiliatelink) 
Bag: DIY