A Woman Has Pants Size 36 To 42 – Each Fits Perfectly

As Deena Shoemaker, 27, recently cleaned up their wardrobe, she had no idea probably even, that this action would give her more than 40,000 likes and thousands of comments on Facebook.

A Woman Has Pants Size 36 To 42 - Each Fits Perfectly

Actually, Deena wanted to search out clothes to them to the needy in the neigh bourhood to donate, who had lost their home in a fire. But when the woman from Wichita, Kansas, was before her cabinet and brought out individual pants, she stopped short: a pair of pants you had of pretty much any dress size.One in 36, one at 38, another in 40-and another one in 42. And that although Deen as Figure had in recent years hardly changed .

She Pulled the Pants – and Each One Wanted. Very Good Indeed.

“I have several pants that fit me all”, is under the photo, short time Deena later wrote on her Facebook page, which shows great pants different in the.”Let me explain why that makes me absolutely not happy” , writes Deena. And further: “models are edited in Photoshop and then hit the front pages of beauty magazines. “America, it’s quite obvious that you us lie to – are not honest photos of the human body.”

How do You See this – Did You also Experience this?

With its criticism, the woman who works long for social services and youth homes, pushes the nerve of a debate, which is again and again in recent years high cooked . Essentially, it revolves around the question: who defines what looks nice and fits to me – myself, designer or advertisers?

Who even has bought in a shop of the major fashion chains such as H & M, ANSWERMBA.COM and Zara knows: the size that fits today, may be very different in the next collection. Only a few months ago H & M had to endure a Shit storm about themselves, after seeing a young woman with slender figure a Facebook Photo shared on the is that a pair of jeans in size 42 is much too small.

That, although this size the largest , who leads the company. At that time thousands of the how arbitrarily set sizes in H&M on suggested itself. The company commented only briefly on Facebook: “We want an enjoyable time shopping offer all of our clients and send them home with a healthy self-confidence.”

An unsatisfactory Statement – but also other companies commented on the debate so far not.The size does not show who you are

Under Deen as trousers contribution now, many commentators, who have had similar experiences as Deena sign up: could a 34 H&M at mango a 36 be and Zara a 38. Or vice versa, many find.

In a Store, Some as a Rather Slim, Applies in the Next as Plump.

“Of a clothing manufacturer makes me slim, the other makes me think that I desperately need a diet,” writes a user. “I know that,” another writes. “When I was recently reading, I’ve seen pants–definitely fit children but hung in the women’s section!”

Lena Dunham, Ashley Graham or Iskra Lawrence: Also prominent have themselves already against the pressure on women a shot, to look like the advertising faces that smile of posters to download. You could photograph their bodies with ordinary creases and dents or split unprocessed photos of themselves. Their rallying cry: of fashion brands we can dictate anything to us!

No matter what the label is, Deena writes: “the size does not show who you are, it is your life. The fashion industry sets totally arbitrary sizes – as it barely fits them.”