5 Ways to Turbo the Look With Men’s Bermudas

There are clothes that may find some resistance from some men, but the fresh and comfortable shorts find supporters everywhere! In a tropical climate like ours, the piece is an essential item for the men’s wardrobe, standing side by side with jeans and T-shirts.

It has been a long time since they ceased to be an exclusivity for the coastal environments or only in moments of leisure! Nowadays, there are a multitude of very modern models and trends that allow you to incorporate them in the day to day, according to your style and preferences of use.
In fact, there are already possibilities of integrating shorts, even in more formal areas, such as at work, as long as it complies with company norms. Therefore, always before dressing, it is important to reflect on the environment and the occasion, whether it will be more formal or relaxed, not to make mistakes in the dress code, ok? And you can get more from Localcollegeexplorer.com.

Certain that the shorts are a good request, for this coming heat season, we brought suggestions from our online store to help put together nice combinations and without much effort. Check it!
<h2>Trend Navy</h2>
This summer promises to highlight the navy (popular “sailor style”), which facilitates for those who do not have much skill with colors. Just stay true to style by combining shorts with shirts or shirts with horizontal stripes or plain blue, white or red pieces. Wear brown leather shoes and accessories to give contrast. For a more informal situation, add a white canvas sneaker and that’s it!
<h2>Basic Essential</h2>
Traditional and neutral, the Chinese shorts go well with everything: t-shirts, tailoring shirts, polos and even regattas. The color combinations are also endless, especially favoring neutral tones such as brown, beige and green. On the feet, for day to day, the compositions with sneakers fall very well. If you need to be more aligned, add a casual shoe (and complete the look with a shirt to keep the style).
<h2>Urban Jeans</h2>
The wash and the color give the tone of the shorts: the more effects the piece has, the more informal it will be. But that does not stop you from exploring unusual combinations, creating contrast of styles in a rather original way. In doubt, opting for a white shirt or shirt does not leave room for mistakes.
<h2>Horizontal Stripes</h2>
Stripes are always a good way to make the look more interesting. In shorts, they also succeed, fleeing from the usual in any environment. Just an alert: The tendency is for the legs to look bigger with this type of print. Therefore, those who have the lower body of the body should be careful not to be disproportionate.
<h2>Color Trend</h2>
The colored shorts have dominated the last summers and have given way to more sober colors in this approaching season, but they should not be left aside. If you wear navy, brown, white or beige tones on shirts and shirts, it will reverse the trend (with most neutral ones down), and it will still look distinctive!