5 Suggestions of Male Looks Using Jeans Color

Not long ago we talked about the pants color and acceptance of the male audience towards them, because your current success is undeniable and space conquered in stores, be they traditional or fast fashion clothing brands for men.

Based on 15 tips given in the previous article I put together 5 looks with suggestions for use for pants color on several occasions, from work to leisure, see below:

1-casual Work

Taking as a starting point a color green jeans rode a look suit follows two of the tips given previously:

-Neutral colors to keep the visual discrete;
-Good accessories to take the look to the face and draw the attention of the colored piece. And you can get more from Chicrandolph.

Despite the standard window pane, the blazer chosen is still neutral, as well as the blue shirt, the emphasis is on the paisley pattern tie and the charming Pocket square. Put two footwear options, one of them grey and the other with a slight touch of blue, but they both arrive at the same result.

2-urban Look

Here’s a visual that goes well at work in casual, for a walk or to program with friends. Without much contrast, but with vibrant colors, makes casual Coif, throwing hand to tie to show style. The backpack that can also be used as a handbag and which maintains the harmony of the costume.

Two tips were fundamental here:

-Shoes and accessories well designed;
-The color of the pants need not be extravagant.

… ….

3-Look to walk with braces

The choice here was a little more daring, since I gave up the traditional double & suspenders shirt and I opted for a basic t-shirt, leaving because of the Mission of accessories to enhance the look.

What I had in mind:

-Combine with the basics;
-Careful with the visual pollution (despite the accessories, I tried to be discreet)

… ….

4-color Pants with a blazer and jeans jacket

In fact, this look was created some time ago, during the winter, but soon the season will be back and color combinations chinos comes in handy, especially in this case that allows the use in diverse environments and occasions, and take the blazer or jacket if one of them is not necessary.

Attention to:

-Throw the jeans up;
-Earth Tones and winter go well with tailoring.

… …

5-With contrasting colors

In previous similar tones combinations were used, in this suggestion the high contrast gave the guys at chino pants Union with the Orange shirt and blue tie, a combo forward, but that can be used in the fall or winter, no problem.


-Give preference to colors of the season;
– Try contrasting colors.